Our Day at Creative Child Learning


Children have an opportunity to explore the classroom and make their independent choices on the activity they would like to be involved in. As the early morning continues, children will be divided into their classrooms to enjoy an attention-grabbing day!

Preschool/ 4K Programs

In each of our four classrooms, your child will have opportunity to participate in both quiet individual and fun group activities. There will be group “circle times” in which the teachers will guide:
Creative Child Learning Center: Preschool in Appleton, WI

  • Weekly theme-specific activities/projects
  • Calendar, Weather and Helper Jobs
  • Interesting books and stories
  • Music and Movement
  • Fingerplays/Puppets

Throughout the week, teachers plan activities to better early literacy skills such as:

  • Letter/sound recognition
  • Sequencing
  • Early writing
  • Rhyming

Early math skills are a key part of our planning as well:

  • Completing patterns
  • Sorting
  • Comparing
  • Graphing
  • Charting

Science skills are also introduced:

  • Classification
  • Exploring
  • Cooking
  • Sensory
  • Comparing physical traits

We include enriching programs in our schedule FREE of charge (ALL children have the opportunity to be involved in these activities) because we feel it is important for children to explore different skills. Schedules will vary in each classroom to allow time for our enrichment programs:

  • Sign Language
  • Spanish
  • Yoga
  • Musikgarten (Singing, Instruments, Scarves with Interpretative Movement)
  • Field Trips (Performing Art Center, Pumpkin Patch, Nature Centers, Farm, Zoo, etc.)
  • Special events (Holiday Celebrations, Winter and Spring Family Programs, Theme Days, etc.)
  • Speakers/Guests (Magician, Dental Hygienist, Visiting Parents, etc.)

Large motor skills need to be used throughout the day to get the “wiggles” out. We take advantage of our large indoor Activity Center and expansive outdoor play area to play twice each day. Using these large areas gives us the chance to play cooperative games or assist children in learning social interaction skills.


Nutrition is very valuable when talking about the growth of children. There are two nutritious snacks offered each day, mid-morning and afternoon, as well as a homemade nutritious lunch served at noon. Meals will be relaxed and unhurried time allowing for socializing. Teachers eat with the children and encourage them to use proper manners at the table. Food will not be used as a punishment or a reward. Also children will not be forced to eat.

Sample Weekly Menus








Crackers with Peanut Butter
Fruit Juice

Apple Slices
Saltine Crackers
Fruit Juice

Graham Crackers
Fruit Juice

Cheese Crackers
Fruit Juice

Make Blueberry Muffins
Fruit Juice



Pizza Casserole
Garlic Bread

Chicken Tenders
Green Beans
Orange Slices

Pork Roast
Mashed Potatoes

Cheese/Chicken Quesadillas

French Toast
Scrambled Eggs


Popcorn and Pretzels

Trail Mix

Cinnamon Toast

Carrots with Dip

Wheat Crackers

Each Classroom makes its own snack at least once a week!
The menu for the week will be found on the parent’s information board at the front of school and snack sheets are posted outside each classroom. Confidential allergies lists are posted in each classroom to be sure staff are aware of any food allergies.

After lunch, all children rest in a quiet room with soothing music. Those who fall asleep may nap for up to two hours. After 30 minutes children who are awake or wake up go to another room for quiet activities where they are able to work on art projects, play games, or receive individual attention from a teacher (journaling, learning activities, etc.).

As the children wake up, we come together for a story and eat our snack. Each afternoon we play outside (weather permitting) and then come back indoors to read a book, participate in music and art, and have free choice play while parents arrive.