Creative Child Learning Center: Testimonials

We have developed much confidence and warmth for Creative Child's Enrichment Program! Two of our three daughters have participated and the third will soon become part of the magic. The program, the teachers and the students work closely together to foster a desire to learn and cooperate. We enjoy the diversity of students, the experiences the program offers and the care within which everything takes place. Our oldest daughter discovered her love of reading by herself and science (especially the experiments). Our middle daughter is passionate about performing in the music programs, the yoga and Spanish lessons at Creative Child. There is something for everyone there. As parents, we have been welcomed in the classrooms and on field trips. The teachers are innovative, enthusiastic, personable and fair. We look forward to our third daughter's participation and highly recommend Creative Child to parents and students looking for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling experience! 

— Dave and Danita Walsh

My daughter thrived at Creative Child!

— Erica Broniec

Creative Child is a rare find. You won't find a better run preschool in the Fox Valley. The teachers are experienced, the programs are excellent, and the staff really cares about the children. I sent my four children to the school over a 10 year period. The faces and effort I saw in 1999 are still the same today. The school communicates with parents and involves them with their child's performance. It feels like a family. If you were to plan an ideal school, this would be it. Everything is extremely well-organized. It is clean, it is healthy, and it is safe. The programs and days and hours offered are flexible to work with you. A great deal of thought goes into everything the school does and it is apparent that the staff really tries to do well by your kids. The children learn to be responsible, independent, and respectful. They have fun at school. They love making projects, making friends, and taking field trips. My children's first teachers were at Creative Child. Their first exposure to school was here. When my kids started elementary school, they were ready and excited. I feel confident knowing that Creative Child prepared my children and started them off on the right foot with a pleasant and positive experience. I recommend you consider Creative Child. School impressions carry with children. Preschool is an important decision. Your child and time are both precious, and the years don't come back. Creative Child was the luckiest tip I ever got and the best choice I ever made. I'm happy to pass it on to you. 

- Betsy Sowin

Before I found Creative Child, I thought I was going to have to quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom because my tours of other local centers left me saddened, frustrated and unsure of the future. When I walked into Creative Child, I was amazed at the difference in atmosphere. This school is not an institution. It is a second home for my children. I am not an easy mother to please and am also a teacher so I think that makes my expectations even higher of the schools my children will attend, but I can honestly say that this center has been an incredible, engaging, authentic learning experience that has done wonders for both of my children socially and intellectually. My girls come home with backpacks full of construction paper projects, popsicle stick reindeer, freshly planted bean seeds, paper mache' penguins and huge smiles. When I pick them up, they do not always want to leave (and we are good, fun parents, I promise:). This school has some of the finest teachers I have ever met who focus on not just educating our children, but loving them with hugs, snuggles if needed, high fives and tons of positive reinforcement. Leaving the teachers in the summer or even just to move up to the next class has left me in tears sometimes because the teachers at Creative Child truly love the kids, and as a family at Creative Child, I can say that our family truly loves the teachers there. Any parent unsure of a future site for daycare, preschool or 4k can rest assured that Creative Child will be a second home for your child and I can guarantee that he/she will not be just another number. This school is not run for profit, does not max out class sizes or take the more profitable route at the expense of the students. My daughters are in classes of 7 and 11 right now; therefore, they receive the one-on-one attention they deserve. The students get a ton of time outside in nice weather to ride bikes, play on playground and in sandbox and in the winter, the snow is plowed into a hill for sledding and fort-building. Last school year, my 3-year-old got to carve pumpkins in the classroom with her teacher who took off her shoes with the kids and let them walk and dance in the pumpkin guts. Talk about a sensory experience! Yes, there are also the traditional alphabet worksheets and lessons about the weather, colors, shapes and the world but those lessons are taught in an engaging and creative way that will leave your child wanting to learn more and more. Another bonus is that all of the meals are homemade, and range from haddock (sometimes my kids have a better lunch than I do) to tacos, and even a gigantic turkey,mashed potatoes, stuffing and an apple pie for Thanksgiving lunch (actually held the day prior to Thanksgiving). I would recommend this center to any parents who want what is best for their child, who have felt discouraged by their visits to other centers, or even if as parents you are worried about putting your child in daycare/preschool at all. Before my girls attended Creative Child, they had private nannies and I was bound and determined they would not attend a "daycare" because I had heard too many horror stories. After losing our last nanny, I decided to at least try to tour some daycare centers. I left the first four in tears. When I left Creative Child though, I said "this is the one." Creative Child proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made and I knew it was the right place the minute I walked into the door. It just felt like home. If you have the opportunity to enroll your children there, jump at the chance. It is one of Appleton's best kept secrets which is why I think so many teachers and professors send their children to this school. If you have a chance, take a tour or sit in on a classroom with your child. You will not be disappointed!

— Christine Hartjes