Creative Child Learning Center's Philosophy

Intellectual NeedsIntellectual Needs

A child learns at his or her own pace, so everyone can be successful.  It is not our intent to push your child academically, but instead to provide a rich environment of learning materials, stories, art, music, games, and fun-filled activities to encourage intellectual growth.

Physical Needs

We offer a variety of physical activities to build strong muscles and improve coordination through games, outside play developmental equipment and activities. Small muscles are developed through toys and puzzles, art projects and finger plays. We teach and stress excellent health habits and enforce home care for ill children.

Emotional Needs

Your child is important and special.  We want all children to know they are important. “Helping children help themselves” is our motto.  Independence and positive reinforcement leads to a healthy self-concept. Learning self-control, respect for other, themselves and property is also a part of our emotional growth program.

Social NeedsSocial Needs

Social skills are lifelong and so important for your child to learn. Helping children work through conflict situations encouraging sharing, taking turns, being polite, and respecting the rights and feelings of others are areas of development we will be working with daily. Our teachers role model excellent social skills continuously for the children to model. Social skills take time to learn and each day your child will practice and refine his/her skills.

Spiritual Needs

We feel family is the best place for a child to receive spiritual instruction. We will not engage in formal religious instruction. We say a simple blessing at lunchtime. Children will occasionally ask big questions about life and death, our teachers will answer in the context of their belief in a loving God. Our school will celebrate Christmas and other holidays of the children enrolled.