Welcome to Creative Child Learning Center

Creative Child Learning Center of Appleton is a unique blend of a developmental Preschool and AASD 4K Community Partner with an excellent afternoon childcare learning center. Our exciting classrooms are equipped with centers full of learning materials, delightful games, blocks, puppets, playhouses, and shelves and shelves of developmental toys.

Our excellent teachers plan interesting lessons that are exciting and fun in a warm and relaxed setting. Our day is carefully planned to meet the needs of two to five year-olds.  We have active and quiet times, individual and group activities, challenging new educational experiences, and relaxing play times.  We would like you to remember that this is your school, designed for your child.  Your interest and participation is needed and important.

We encourage you to drop in anytime and see your child in action!


Creative Child’s purpose is to help two through five year-olds enrolled in our unique programs to grow and thrive intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially.

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